I'm following up on several things this Sunday evening.  There has been 3 potential gang-related homicides in the past week.  I have came across little info on them.  Joaquin Serrano, 23 was shot and killed near Moses Lake on April 17th.  Shiloh Hampton, 14 was shot and killed in Portland on April 20th.  And then this past Friday, Adan Beltran, 25 was shot and killed in Quincy on April 22nd.  Someone said South Side Locos were arrested for Beltran's death.  

Also I just was in Yakima this weekend, and on Saturday night, two people were shot in La Raza gang territory.  I heard one was shot in the head, the other was shot in the back several times.  No updates on their condition as of now.

One last thing, be sure to check the Flickr page for my latest graffiti photos.  I found several "Doble Gang" tags this weekend.