I have made the decision to shut down all operations of this website on October 25th, 2014.  I will continue to operate my Facebook page, Twitter account, and Flickr (gang graffiti photos).  

I've been operating Northwest Gangs since 2004 by myself as some sort of a personal interest in street gangs, and trying to help the public understand the gang threat in our communities.  

However the yearly cost of hosting this website is more than I want to spend, and due to my personal life, I've dramatically scaled back on my research, and have spent less time out documenting gang graffiti these past couple years.

With that being said, I am looking at other options for a new blog style website focusing on my photography, but it probably won't be nearly as detailed as this website, but I don't have any specifics on that yet!

I want to thank everyone for supporting my website these past 10 years!


Earlier this year, Sergeant Jeff Eichenbusch assured the residents of Roseburg that there is "no gang problem in Roseburg" after "XIV and X4" were found tagged on some business along Harvard Avenue.  

I strongly disagree with Sergeant Eichenbusch and the false statements he made in February.  I have found strong evidence that there are at least a half dozen teenagers and young adults in Roseburg that claim alliance to the Nortenos gang, and a subset called Varrio Loc'd Out Hustlerz.  This gang appears to have connections to other members in Eugene, Medford and Grants Pass.  

This gang has now been listed on my Oregon gang listing for Roseburg, Douglas County.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at my email.  

Once again I'm apologizing for my lack of blog posts.  I really haven't had a lot stuff to post about in the New Year so far.  I have been working on updating some of the gang listings for a few different cities.  I'm also putting together a new section showing actual gang signs our area gangs are using.  So I hope to get that up and running real soon.  Other than that things have been sort of slow around here.  Send me a email if you got something to share or any feedback!

I'm looking for help in identifying these two graffiti tags, which I believe is done by the same gang.  Sorry for the poor quality, I found these on Google Maps.  I can definately see "CK", "BLOOD" and possibly "YGS".  I'm thinking this might be a Native American "Blood" gang?  Leave a comment or email me at, northwestgangs@gmail.com

Thanks! Brad
Happy New Years everyone!  This year will be my 10th year operating the Northwest Gang project.  In 2004 when I first started documenting gang graffiti in Yakima, I really had no idea what any of the graffiti meant, let alone who the main players were.  What started off as "Yakima gangs", has expanded to include most areas from the whole Northwest Region.

In 2013 my website reached 102,730 unique visitors, the highest yearly total ever!  I want to thank everyone who has viewed my website, added suggestions or submitted info to help me along the way.  As you can learn from the info I share, I myself can learn from you as well.  

I hope to continue to bring the most accurate, updated and helpful information to you guys as 2014 rolls on.  I will continue to put all my effort into keeping this website fresh and hopefully make new stuff available this year.  Thanks again!

I made a visit to Yakima this weekend (Nov. 22nd-24th) and I gotta say, Yakima is doing a real good job at cleaning up graffiti.  Not long ago, a weekend visit to Yakima, I would come away with 40 or 50 gang graffiti photos, but this weekend I think I only took about 5 or 6 maybe.  All the main spots that used to be covered in graffiti were painted over.  The whole city from the East to the West looked clean.

With the help of a couple current gang members in Portland, I've made some much needed updates to the Portland "Surenos" gang listing.  I deleted about 20 gangs from that list that are considered "defunct" or no longer active.  I hope to keep making updates like this to other listing on my webpage.  

A Norteno gang member from Wapato named Louis Ayala will have his preliminary appearance at a Yakima court this afternoon, facing Murder 1 charges in connection with a fatal shooting in a Downtown Yakima bar on October 18th.  Police say Ayala shot and killed 23-year old Justin M. Flick-Grange over a disputed pool game.  Ayala and another man were arrested a short time later near Wapato.  This was Yakima 5th of six homicides in the city this year.    

On my Facebook page I recently asked my "friends" at what age did you first go to jail (either juvi or county).  The answers ranged from 8-years old to 25-years old.  Out of approximately 50 responses it averaged out to 14-years old was the most common age for gang involved youth to first get booked into jail.  That's usually about 7th or 8th grade.  Gangs are recruiting kids at a very young age.  My sister who worked as a kindergarten teacher in East Yakima said it was common for kids in her school to make references to certain gangs, a lot of them were picking this up from their older siblings, cousins and even parents!  Just something to think about for those wanting to help make a change.  You got to start helping these kids at a very young age, because by the time they reach middle school it might already be too late!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July!  Not many updates have been happening on the website, and I apologize for that.  Besides operating the website, I also have a full time job, and family to take care of, so at times things get a little busy as I'm sure most of you can understand that.

I frequently update the Twitter page with gang-related news links, so be sure to follow me on Twitter, and I'm hoping real soon I can get out and take more graffiti photos.  I might be checking out some areas I don't make it to that often.  Also I encourage everyone to submit graffiti photos you might see in your neighborhood or just while your out and about.  You can send them to me at northwestgangs@gmail.com.

Besides all the recent shootings in Portland, things seem to be pretty low key elsewhere in the Northwest.  Sporadic things happen here and there, but overall I think gang crime is pretty low right now.  Lets hope it stays that way.

Keep checking back for updates!